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Promo Drums is the place to get all of your drum and music related promotional items for your company or event! Brought to you by Drum Bum, Inc., the name that has become synonymous with music gifts over the last 22 years, we have the experience and expertise to handle all of your promo needs. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, ESPN, Nike Golf and Jim Henson, we are ready to help your company get the quality promotional items or wholesale drums it needs to make its event a smash hit!

Wholesale Drums and Promotionals
Call for Pricing - 1-800 DRUM BUM


Custom Drum Sticks
STK-1001A: Get your company's name or message on professional quality, custom drumsticks. Several different size and pricing options are available depending on your promo needs. Personalized Drumsticks are always sure to drum up a good time at any event! Approx 16" L.
Order Minimum: 100 pairs.

Custom Drum Key Keychains
K-1001: This handy little keychain holds the drum key firmly in place where it's always accessible to tune your drums. Thick leather and heavy duty steel ring. Drum key included. Get Your own Logo on the Drum Key Keychain. Order Minimum: 100 keychains.

Custom Drumstick Keychains
K-1000: Keep your music event upbeat with this Custom Drumstick Keychain. This mini maple drumstick measures 4" long (4.5" with keyring.) Maximum one color pad printing available on 1.75" L x 0.5" h area, any standard color. Order Minimum: 100 keychains.

Custom Cowbells
PRC-1002: Have Your Logo or Company Message custom put on cow bells in one color imprinting! Prices include Bell, custom imprinting on one side, and ribbon. Choose from 17 different colors! A unique promotional drums idea! Sizes are available: 2.375" H, 2.625" H or 3.5" H.
Order Minimum: 50 cowbells.

Custom Jingle Sticks
PRC-1005: Your Message will be ringing in their ears!
this bright sounding large stainless steel jingle bell with real wooden handle is a perfect holiday item or a great new sound for a cheering crowd. Colors available are Red, Natural and blue. Imprint area is 2.5" L x 0.5" H. Order Minimum: 100 jingle sticks.

Custom Egg Shakers
PRC-1008: Egg shaped rhythm instrument maraca that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Egg measure 5" around, 2" High. Can be imprinted with your logo or message. Color of eggs available: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple and Black. Imprint area is 1" L x 1" H. Order Minimum: 100 shakers.

Custom Handle Castanets
PRC-1009: This popular percussion instrument is certain to make an impression at any event. The Handle Castanet can be custom imprinted with your message or logo! Comes in fun, assorted colors. Imprint area is 2" L x .25" H. Order Minimum: 75 castanets.

Custom Plastic Castanets
PRC-1000: Have Your Logo or Company Message custom engraved on this fun plastic Castanets! The finger snapping castanets come in an assortment of fun colors. Imprint area is 1" L x .25" H. Order Minimum: 100 castanets.

Custom Light Up Sticks
STK-1003: Get your company or organizationís name imprinted on these awesome light-up drumsticks! They light up and glow simply by playing with them and will immediately attract attention to your brand! These sticks are durable, heat resistant and sold in pairs. Standard rock size.
Order Minimum: 100 pairs of sticks.

Custom Bargain Cowbells
PRC-1003: These inexpensive, economy cowbells are great for those on a tighter budget. They can be imprinted with a message or logo as well! You can add your own ribbon for an added touch. Available in several colors
. Approx. 3"H. Order Minimum: 50 cowbells.

Custom Mini Maracas
PRC-1001: Mini plastic maraca. Catch that cool rhythm with the authentic sound of quality maracas. These durable percussion instruments produce a wonderful cha-cha sound. Several colors available. Approx. 4.25"L x 1.25" W. Imprint area is 1" x 1". Order Minimum: 100 maracas.

Custom Cowbell Keychains
K-1002: This mini cowbell keychain makes a wonderful giveaway for your company or event! Available in several different colors. The real cowbell is attached to a sturdy chain and is imprinted with your logo! Approx
1" H. Order Minimum: 50 keychains.

Custom Tambourines
PRC-1011: If you need a promotional drums idea, this is a great choice. A single row tambourine that has a fiberglass shell rim and white Melinex plastic head for durability. It can be customized with pad printing on the white head. The head is 8" in diameter and the imprint size cannot exceed 4". Maximum 4-color imprint.
Order Minimum: 75 tambourines.

Custom Drum Stress Balls
MSC-1000: Quality customized promotional stress balls in the shape of a drum that are professionally imprinted with your message or company logo! Comes in Blue. Imprint area 1.75" diameter and max 2 colors. Imprinting on top (and bottom for extra fee). Order Minimum: 150 drum stress balls.

Imprinted Miniature Drumsticks
STK-9: These Mini drumsticks by are a great conversation piece! They're perfect for event giveaways, photos, business promotions, craft projects and more. Approx. 0.375" W x 8" L. Mini drumsticks with Custom imprint. Order Minimum: 250 pairs.
**Sorry, this item is currently unavailable**

Custom Guitar Picks
MGMSC-1000: Professional quality customized picks that feature your company logo or message! Available in a traditional finish and made from V-Resin. Package 100 per polybag. Available in several colors. Imprint area 0.75" x 0.75" and max 2 colors. Order Minimum: 1000 guitar picks.

Custom Kazoos
MGMSC-1001: Keep your music promotion humming with these fun custom kazoos! Molded from unbreakable polypropylene plastic in bright colors, you can have your logo or message hot stamped on the surface. Imprint area measures 1.625" L x 0.5" H on laft and tapered to 0.3125" H on left.
Order Minimum: 250 kazoos.

Custom Batons
PRC-1010: Imprint these wood batons with your favorite musical message or logo! Hardwood baton dipped in white lacquer features a cork handle. Two handle styles to choose from, tapered or pear shaped. Available in 12", 14", 16", 18" and 20"
. Imprint area is 3" L x .25" H. Order Minimum: 100 batons.

Custom Wood Maracas
PRC-1007: Add your promotional message to these unique wood Maracas
. The black maracas come in pairs and will be sure to make any event really move and "shake"! Traditional gourd maracas with safe plastic beads. Imprint area is 1.5" L x 1.5" H. Order Minimum: 75 maracas. - DISCONTINUED

Custom Imprinted items will take 2-4 weeks for arrival. Some items may be eligible for rushed processing for an extra fee. Order minimums will vary per product. Some items will have imprinting set-up fees for use of a custom logo or message.

*See even more Music Promotional Products Imprinted with your Brand


Bulk Drumsticks
STK-700: These quality bulk drumsticks are bundled together for the most effective pricing and make an incredible promo item for your event. The maple drumsticks are logged, air kiln dried, shaped, sanded and sealed. Available in sizes 5A, 5B, 2B or 7A. Size approx. 16" L. Order Minimum: 60 pairs (sold in groups of 12).

Miniature Bongo Drums
MSC-19: These mini bongo drums look so realistic you can almost play them! Part of our mini-percussion line, these cool little drums make a great conversation piece and will be the talk of any music themed event. Approx. 4" L X 1.5" H. Natural hide skin. Order Minimum: 25 bongos.

Blank Drum Sticks
STK-1001: These quality, no-name sticks are a great promo item. They are straight & lacquered like name brand drumsticks but simply don't carry the cost of a name like Pro-mark or Vic Firth which saves you money. Available with wooden tips in sizes 2B or 5A. Size approx. 16" L. Order Minimum: 75 pairs.

Kids Hand Drums
PRC-44: This quality hand drum makes a great gift for any event. A fun promo gift for children's music event. Also, a whimsical, fun giveMadeaway for adults as well! Includes 7.75" wood mallet. of wood.

Approx 8". Order Minimum: 50 hand drums.

Miniature Conga Drums
MSC-17: Miniature wooden conga drums with lifelike skin. Please refer to the drum on the right in the picture above. This miniature conga drum will make a wonderful promo gift for your event. Excellent quality. Approx. 3.25" H x 1.75" W. Order Minimum: 25 conga drums.

Djembe Drums - Small
PRC-188: Beautiful decorative djembe drums at wholesale prices. Natural dark wood with calfskin drum head. Perfect addition to any music or drum themed event. The drums can be lightly played. Approx. 4" W x 6"H. Order Minimum: 50 djembe drums.

Wood Drumstick Keychains
K-02: If you have a drum themed event, you've got to have some of these! This keychain features a mini drumstick. The drumsticks looks so authentic you'll want to drum on everything with them. 2 drumsticks on each keyring! Approx. 3.5" L. Order Minimum: 50 keychains. 100 for imprinted.

Miniature Djembe Drums
MSC-18: Miniature Djembes are a fun and unique addition to drum themed events. The mini djembe drum is the one on the left in the picture. These wholesale drums are Approx 3.25" H x 2" W.
Excellent quality. Order Minimum: 25 djembe drums.

Blank Miniature Drumsticks
STK-9: These Mini drumsticks by are a great conversation piece! They're perfect for event giveaways, photos, business promotions, craft projects and more. Approx. 0.375" W x 8" L. Mini drumsticks with Drum Bum imprint. Order Minimum: 50 pairs. DISCONTINUED

The miniature sticks have been discontinued but we still have full size drumsticks that we can imprint for promotional use.

Promo Drums is the place for custom drum and music related promotional items. If you're having a music or drums event or need to promote a venture, we have access to unique promotional products and can customize pretty much anything from drumsticks at wholesale cost to small percussion items. Click the link to see even more promotional products, custom products and imprintable awards. If you need assistance, please call us at 804-273-1353

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